Alicia's Digital Marketing Framework

You have a number of options in digital marketing and as a result, you need a way to think about your approach. You need a framework. A framework is just a way to organize how you will do your marketing for your company, business, or client. There are a lot of ideas out there for how you should approach your marketing. You might have heard of the 4Ps





or  Avinash Kaushik’s Digital Measurement Model


There are a number of marketing models or frameworks, but they all say essentially the same thing: get organized around what you're trying to accomplish.

The model or framework used often depends on the lens through which an organization or person sees marketing. Product marketers may have a different view than those who are branders than those who work in e-commerce.

In the end, though, whatever type of marketing you are doing, it's important to start with the big picture. In my teaching, I've come up with what I call a marketing map approach. You need all the pieces of the map to get where you're going.

The pieces are


Most junior marketers dive into a specific component of the where - the channels - like Facebook or AdWords but have little insight into the rest of the components.

The problem is if the other pieces are not aligned, your work in channels can all be for naught.

The lesson is this: before you set out to market anything, make sure you have a marketing plan that incorporates each piece.