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Of the 18 million students seeking four year degrees enrolled in colleges in the United States today only about 45% will attain one after eight years. 

This amounts to over $150 billion a year invested in unsuccessful outcomes, and it is costing students and their parents billions more. Point of fact: it costs $15,933 more to attend every extra year of a public two-year college and $22,826 for every extra year at a four-year public college.  

As a result, the United States now ranks 12th in the world in the percentage of young people who have earned a college degree. What’s worse is that a second trend has emerged: in America, the wealthy are more likely to graduate. A college degree matters. A student from the lowest income level without a college degree only has a 14% chance of rising above that status and a 45% chance of never escaping it.  

In addition to the excellent work being done at the policy level and at colleges to address this crisis – more can be done with today’s innovative technology. That's Gainful's aim - to help students graduate college and move into their first career positions.

Sources: Brookings, NCES. Degree Attainment is 8 yr, 4 yr schools ranked by grad rate, 2 yr by enrollment; 4-Year-Myth



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