Be Careful What You Think

You can change. Well at least research shows your brain can. It's called neuroplasticity. What's interesting about our brain's ability to change is just how powerful thought is. In fact, scientists discovered that "the region of motor cortex that controls the piano-playing fingers also expanded in the brains of volunteers who imagined playing the music--just as it had in those who actually played it."

Another reason to watch your thoughts and visualize success.

Clearing up California

Transparency and government have never gone hand in hand. California residents pay huge sums into its coffers - so where's it all going? Well, some folks over at California Common Sense are asking the same question and have the math chops to sort through the data. Check it out.

It's even worse at the city level. Why doesn't San Francisco publish it's budget and expenditures for all taxpayers to see? I can't wait to see that data visualization.