It takes a long time

Spike Jonze: I feel like even if they’re going to lose their jobs they can’t possibly care about the movie as much as I do. And they can’t possibly go to the lengths that I’ll go to protect it. With every film, I’m so grateful that they made my movie and I will extend myself to keep the conversation open and hear their thoughts. But with Wild Things, there was a point where it started to feel abusive. There was a point where I said to somebody at the studio that I was working with, whom I’m actually close friends with now, I was like, “If I came to you and talked to you about your child the way you’re talking to me about my movie right now, you wouldn’t listen to me. If I came to you and said, ‘Man, your kid is fucked up. He’s a problem child and he is freaking me and everyone out. I think you should put him on medication. You know he’s a really fucked-up kid,’ you’re never going to listen to me because I’m judging your kid and I clearly don’t like or get your kid. But if you came to me and said, ‘Your kid is really special. I see how special he is. I sat and talked to him the other day and what he was talking about was amazing. But there’s a school that might be better for him than the school he’s in right now and I’ll go visit it with you if you want…,’ that’s a different thing. I’ll listen to you.”Judd: It takes a long time to find people who get what you do.

~Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow