Dirt on Alicia Morga

My blog, befitting a former direct marketer, is wired with all sorts of great analytics. But sometimes information can be a dangerous thing. Well maybe just to my ego. I was taken aback by something I learned recently. You see, I can tell what keywords people were using in their search engine when they found my blog and clicked through.

Actually, anyone who runs Google Analytics on their site can tell the same information. It gives site/blog owners a sense of what subjects are driving visitors.

Well it turns out someone was searching recently for "dirt on Alicia Morga". That was the keyword phrase that resulted in a visit (a rather long one I might add) to my site.

It's unclear if this was someone nursing a grudge against me or another Alicia Morga, but if it was me I can only hope the person learns to manage their emotions in a healthier way.

That aside, I have the sense the searcher didn't realize that by clicking on my blog I'd see the search terms (or that I can tell the IP address of that visit :) ). But I thought it would be useful information for you all to have.

And finally, if you want dirt on Alicia Morga all you have to do is ask me! I know her pretty well.