Palm Reading

I know I am headed for a big change. I just don’t know when. A friend's mother noticed my right palm one night when my friend and I were cleaning up after a batch of home-made cookies in high school.

She peered down into my open palm and declared, "That’s a head change."

I looked down at the lines in my palm not seeing what she saw.

"That’s your head line – your thinking line and here’s your life line," she said and traced the lines that diverged.

"And here," she tapped my retracting hand, "is the break."

She was right. Smack dab in the center of my head line was an empty space. An open area at the center of my palm – untraversed by lines – head, heart or life.

I brushed her off by withdrawing my hand. "That tickles," I said.

She watched after me with a serious look in her eye.

Throughout the years, showering or washing my hands, I've looked down into the empty space at the center of my palm and wondered, when?