Gender Equity

I notice a recurring theme in response to "Why not more women on your board/in your company, etc.?". It's usually a defensive one and goes like this: The counter-arguments to gender diversification: 1. We have X% (usually a low %) 2. We have to hire the best 3. We couldn't find women 4. Then a strategic change of subject such as "Look at this group (usually one not in power like the junior people in an organization) is near gender parity."

It's frustrating progression that ultimately never actually addresses the issue.


Why Nice Guys Finish Last

New organizational behavior research out of Northwestern and Carnegie Mellon reveals that "taking care of others in your group and even taking care of outsiders may reduce a nice guy's chance of becoming a leader." Context, it turns out, matters: "Nice guys don't make it to the top when their group needs a dominant leader to lead them at a time of conflict."

So what does this mean for women leaders? Like all leaders, one style won't work all the time.

An Organizer's Dream

Growing up I used to spend time in the make-up aisle of my local grocery store organizing the nail polish bottles by color. It was one way I coped with my very chaotic upbringing. Today, I still appreciate the soothing qualities of good ol' organization. So you can imagine how excited I am to discover Ursus Wehrli. He's a Swiss artist who may just have OCD.