on the way home

On the Way Home

I was walking home after surreptitiously stopping to purchase a cupcake when I ran into someone I knew. But, at first, when I saw her coming towards me I didn't recognize her. I don't think she recognized me either until we stepped further towards each other.

In the moment that I didn't know her, I found myself thinking something about the woman my eyes alighted on. After we stopped and chatted for a bit I wondered, what if I could tell her? What if I could tell her what and who I thought she was before I realized I knew her? Would the feedback be helpful or useful? Or dangerous?

Then I thought, what did she think of me - in that moment when she hadn't recognized me? Would I want to know? Yes... I think.

Is that the upside and downside of friendship? We know each other too well to recognize something and love each other too much to say anything if we did?