Mobile Data

I've been hunting around for a better mobile backend solution for my app data. Flurry was fine at the beginning but it's so freaking difficult to get data out and use it that I'm looking for other options. So, first, the tech world calls it Mobile BaaS, otherwise known as Mobile Backend-As-A-Service.

Here are some of the vendors in the space (not necessarily data management specific):

1. Parse 2. Stackmob 3. Kinvey 4. Applicasa 5. Mobdb 6. Cocoafish 7. Quickblox 8. Kumulos 9. Usergrid (open source)

Any experience with these options?

EDU and Mobile

New education approaches and concepts are emerging with the advent of more mobile technology. Or should I say some very old approaches are being recycled using new technology: to wit, “mobile-enhanced inquiry-based learning.” It's using the phone to forge communication and learning in the classroom or put another way, the Socratic method meets text messaging. You can learn more about this technique and more at Mashable.