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Social Emotional Well-being

Social emotional well-being.  What is it?  That's a good question.  It's my catch-all term for the many approaches to supporting soft skill development - specifically intrapersonal development like self-awareness, emotional regulation, the mind body connection and mindfulness, and interpersonal development like empathy/compassion, authenticity/vulnerability, effective communication and behavior change. At the root of most of these skills are emotions and a number of new companies have cropped up to address them.

There are, of course,

  • mood tracking apps or emotion-aware apps
  • more therapeutic focused approaches
  • many meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, and bio-feedback approaches
  • behavior tracking and analytics
  • a host of EEG and neuro devices. 

There have long been in-person programs that address social emotional learning for adults like Dale Carnegie, the Stanford Graduate School of Business' Interpersonal Dynamics or even The Landmark Forum, some newer entrants include:

I'm curious to see how these areas start to converge or not, and who wins with consumers.