My Biological Clock

Brigitte Coremans, a student at the Design Academy Eindhoven, has designed a clock that represents a woman's ticking one. It looks like a long beaded necklace. It has 500 beads or one for each egg a woman is born with. The idea is that you set it based on the date of your first period and your current age, then every 28 days it drops a bead. As you get closer to menopause, the beads get darker and darker, representing your diminishing chances of getting pregnant. So, of course, this made me whip out an excel spreadsheet and got me calculating. I believe I started menstruating in 1985. Which means as of 2010 I've dropped about 325 eggs (assuming 13 eggs a year/28 day cycle). If I only have 500 eggs that means my egg balance equates to 175 or about 13 more years of menstruation. Which all means I should hit menopause by age 51. Which seems right on target.

See the kind of fun you can have with design? :)