Water You Waiting For?

It's a fact that I love sparkling water. Something about the fizz. Given how much I adore bubbles you'd think I would have switched to a Sodastream earlier, but alas it took me until now. Yep I broke down and bought one. I finally did the math:

Crystal Geyser 4 packs from wholes foods cost $31.68/ month or about $380.16 a year.

A Sodastream (not counting the tax) cost $99.99. Plus I had to buy a water filter pitcher with filters which cost $58.98. Plus I bought an additional Sodastream cartridge which cost $19.99. Which all together puts me at $178.96 for about 10 months of fizzy tap water.

It's still early, but my pocket feels better about the choice. I'll let you know if my mouth is just as excited.

Age 7

From the Business News Daily: "A study by researchers at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland discovered that math and reading ability at age 7 are linked with socioeconomic status several decades later. The researchers found that such childhood abilities predict socioeconomic status in adulthood over and above associations with intelligence, education and socioeconomic status in childhood."


The Golden Ratio

Speaking of equations. The Golden Ratio aka Divine Proportion is used by mathematicians and artists alike. It's equal to 1.618033988749.

It gets a lot of play as the formula that determines beauty. If the features of your face, like the length of your face to the width of your face, are this proportion to each other, you are considered more attractive.

I know - enough of the math! 

Who's Afraid of Math?

You don't need to be. The first step is understanding the anxiety and fear that math can provoke. Recent research located the emotions math provokes using fMRIs. The researchers found that "the key to boosting students' math performance isn't through remedial teaching, but through providing students tools to cope with their fears." Or said another way, teaching students to strengthen their pre-frontal cortices.

How do you do that? Meditation is a great way to learn to manage your anxiety and fear.

Building Your Intuition

Turns out that true experts in their fields have gut instinct. It was thought that to become an expert in say math, one had to first learn the rules, but new education research is turning that idea on its head. Intuition, redefined as perceptual learning is being taught via online games that are quick, visual and "focused on classifying problems rather than solving them" - which builds intuition. What's an example of that? "In one recent experiment, for example, researchers found that people were better able to distinguish the painting styles of 12 unfamiliar artists after viewing mixed collections of works from all 12 than after viewing a dozen works from one artist, then moving on to the next painter. The participants’ brains began to pick up on differences before they could fully articulate them."

I can imagine so many practical applications of this type of learning. To give it a try hit this link.