In the 1950s, for example, German researchers noticed a patch on the side of the brain in which neurons had little myelin, compared with neighboring regions. But the finding was soon neglected.

“People tended to ignore it, and it was lost in the literature,” said Dr. Van Essen.

The computer rediscovered the odd territory, and Dr. Van Essen and his colleagues found that it becomes unusually active when people listen to stories. That finding suggests the region, which they call 55b, is part of a language network in the brain

~ Updated Brain Map

The Dark Side of Cupcakes

While “cupcake shops can provide a more accurate and timely guide to the frontiers of urban gentrification than traditional demographic and real estate data sets” according to Rutgers Urban Policy lecturer Dr. Kathe Newman, the stark reality is that transitional neighborhoods are just that - transitional. That's what Dayna Al-Saleh points out with this mapping of cupcakes against gang territory in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco.

Mission: Gangs and Cupcakes, by Danya Al-Saleh