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Marketing Tool for iPhone App Developers

For my fellow iPhone app developers: A way to manage and send out your promo codes with ease. It's called Tokn. You do need a Mac to use it. Check it out! It's also possible to allow users of your iPhone app to gift your app within the app itself. You just need a bit of code and your app ID.

I Feel Stupid

Okay - that's not a feeling. You ever attempt something and get smacked down by naysayers? Do your ideas ever seem too ambitious - crazy even?

I created an iPhone app to help people get in touch with their feelings. I was at a party recently filled with entrepreneurs and of course the chatter turned to what each of us was working on. When my turn came I mentioned my mobile application. I explained it is an application to help people identify, express and manage their emotions.

A fellow across the conversational circle from me harrumphed and said, "Only girls will use that." His proclamation delivered, he turned to more important people elsewhere.

All I could think was this, "Sounds like you could use it."

You can check out the gottaFeeling app on iTunes in the app store. It's in English and Spanish.