Health Tracking

Aetna is getting ready to release CarePass, an app for accessing your health device data, medical records and health information all in one place. Two interesting things to note from the article:

“We see some more aggressive employers like Safeway, where they are driving outcomes by swabbing the cheeks of employees to see whether they are smoking or not.” U.S. law says that smokers can be charged higher premiums."

Wow - swabbing! And Zeo, the sleep device, is mentioned in the article as a now defunct company.

This area is moving fast. My question - will folks feel comfortable with an insurance company having more their data?

The Price of Words

The company, WordStream, produces software to automate key word bidding, and as a result, has a lot of data on keywords. They recently announced the most expensive keyword categories. What was the most expensive one? Insurance. It makes sense. The companies that can pay the most to acquire a customer are also the companies who can pay the most for keywords. What the category also points to is that search is used primarily to solve problems and customers will pay a lot for solutions. How else to explain that "insurance" costs upwards of $55 per click?