Why Goal Setting Apps Don't Work

Most goal setting apps don't work, because most people don't know how to set a goal. They have a goal in mind - find love, get healthy, make money, but most are at a loss for how to break those larger ambitions into small discrete doable steps. The app that works will let people enter a larger goal and then give people the steps to achieving them while allowing for users to choose which seem doable to them and in what time frame.

This is How Crazy I am

I have been playing Words with Friends on my iTouch - except with total strangers. I didn't want to hook into Facebook and spam my friends, etc. At first I didn't realize how to play for points and tried to be clever about my words. Wrong strategy. Finally, I started to hit my stride and was matched with a stranger in a very close high scoring game. In my mind, the stranger is a man. Of course, I have no idea, you just see a made-up screen name. Maybe that says something about my psychological state, but I digress.

This man beats me in a final, completely surprising move. By only a few points!

I immediately asked for a rematch and he accepted. And every day for almost a week I've been plotting my triumph.

Finally, I trounced him by 136 points and when the app told me I had won I jumped all around my living room pumping my fists in the air Jersey style and yelling "Victory! Victory!"

Okay, I'm not proud of it, but boy did it feel good. Clearly, I need to get out more.

Ways to Activate Your Right Brain

Your right brain is the seat of your creativity. Here are some exercises to activate it. Doing these exercises can help clear your mind, elevate your writing, or even help you get in touch with your spiritual side. 1. If you're right-handed, write a paragraph with your left hand. 2. Right words from right to left, reversing the letters. 3. Sing a song. 4. Draw a picture. 5. Play a strategy game like chess.