Ways to Activate Your Right Brain

Your right brain is the seat of your creativity. Here are some exercises to activate it. Doing these exercises can help clear your mind, elevate your writing, or even help you get in touch with your spiritual side. 1. If you're right-handed, write a paragraph with your left hand. 2. Right words from right to left, reversing the letters. 3. Sing a song. 4. Draw a picture. 5. Play a strategy game like chess.

Draw an E

Social scientists devised a way to determine if bosses are empathetic. You can use it, too. Here's how you do it: Ask your boss (or anybody really) to use her forefinger to draw an E on her forehead. Give it a try yourself now.

Done? The way a person draws the E - either facing herself or another, tells you all you need to know about the perspective taking of the finger's owner. If the E faces out so another can read it as an E, the finger owner is taking the perspective of another and therefore demonstrating more empathy.

To understand why empathy counts in leadership, read Daniel Pink's take here.