Why You Hate Work

Employees are vastly more satisfied and productive, it turns out, when four of their core needs are met: physical, through opportunities to regularly renew and recharge at work; emotional, by feeling valued and appreciated for their contributions; mental, when they have the opportunity to focus in an absorbed way on their most important tasks and define when and where they get their work done; and spiritual, by doing more of what they do best and enjoy most, and by feeling connected to a higher purpose at work.  


Prototyping Tools

So you have a great idea for an iPhone app or a website but not sure where to start? Use a prototyping tool to layout the wireframe.

Wireframe = "is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website... The wireframe depicts the page layout or arrangement of the website’s content, including interface elements and navigational systems, and how they work together. The wireframe usually lacks typographic style, color, or graphics, since the main focus lies in functionality, behavior, and priority of content... Wireframes can be pencil drawings or sketches on a whiteboard, or they can be produced by means of a broad array of free or commercial software applications."

This is what one looks like:

You can also do wireframes for iPhone applications.  When you're ready you can actually make the wireframe interactive by adding in the ability for testers to click through like they would with a live website or iPhone application.

I've used

1. LucidChart (doesn't have interactivity but an easy way to diagram something),

2. JustinMind (it is interactive and super simple to create and share, but it has some limitations like no scrolling when doing iPhone app mocks), and

3. Axure (this has more bells and whistles but takes more time to learn).

Don't worry about the price. They all have free trials. Try them out before you buy to get a sense of what's possible.

Creating Your Own Website Easily

I know, you can use Tumbler, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or Shopify, to name a few, but sometimes these tools don't cut it. What you need is a website with more functionality. Where to start?

Well, you can teach yourself. Here are two handy dandy resources:

1. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

2. Bootstrap

Word of Caution: these do require some mental effort and a willingness to learn techy talk.


iOS is the operating system for Apple's iPhone, Touch and iPad (that name still makes me cringe). Want to learn how to build apps for these devices? Take a class. Udemy offers a straight-forward one.

iPhone app development is also now offered to high school students! offers an online tutorial for those with some object-oriented programming skills (found in many AP computer science classes). The site teaches Objective-C.

Note: a Mac is required.