Conquering Fear - A Formula

I really like this formula for conquering fear :

1. awaken desire

"Before this desire was kindled, language had lost its power because the people were rendered stone-deaf by fear. But, in this aroused, anticipatory state, their ears open up. Their mouths become looser. From a state of being cramped up in terror, there is a moment of relaxing. The 18th-century thinker Rabbi Nachman of Breslov wrote that romantic desire clears the throat."

2. tell/write your story

"Storytelling becomes central to conquering fear. It’s a way of naming and making sense of fear and imagining different routes out. Storytellers expand the consciousness, waken the sleeping self and give their hearers the words and motifs to use for themselves.... Stories create new ways of seeing, which lead to new ways of feeling and thinking. "

3. sing

"They are singing in defiance of terror....The song produces energy and spiritual generosity. Borrowing from Oliver Sacks, Zornberg writes that the people have become “unmusicked” by fear and pain. They have to become “remusicked."

"Eventually, the Israelites are able to cope with fear. This makes them capable of loving and being loved....We’re always told to confront our fears. Take them head-on. But, in the sophisticated psychology of Exodus, fears are confronted obliquely and happily, through sexiness, storytelling and song."