A New Education Model

"Manage learning environments by teams of teachers. Since various separate classrooms have been combined in this model, teachers too can combine and help one another in a physical classroom and via the web around the world. This takes advantage of various strengths to address this multifaceted job. Further, they would act more like coaches helping them win (rather than a gatekeeper)."


A New Education Model

Brain Fitness

I stumbled upon this website that offers a brain fitness coaching online course. The graphic on the page shows the steps to brain fitness: 1. Cover the basics: nutrition, exercise, stress management, mental stimulation 2. Cross-train the brain: with meditation, reframing, biofeedback and cognitive training 3. Coach yourself: to self-monitor, prioritize and develop, implement and iterate a plan.

This got me to thinking. Does a well-lived life have a formula at its core? And if so, is this it? Or is there more to the formula? The thing the jumps out to me about this formula is that it doesn't seem to take into account others - relationships, community. No wo[man] is an island - fortunately or unfortunately.

On Coaching

"...he already knew he could coach. All you had to do was look at at each of your players and ask yourself: What story does this guy wish someone would tell him about himself? And then you told the guy that story. You told it with a hint of doom. You included his flaws. You emphasized the obstacles that could prevent him from succeeding. That was what made the story epic: the player, the hero, had to suffer mightily en route to his final triumph. Schwartz knew that people loved to suffer, as long as the suffering made sense. Everybody suffered. The key was to choose the form of your suffering. Most people couldn't do this alone; they need a coach. A good coach made you suffer in a way that suited you. A bad coach made everyone suffer in the same way, and so was more like a torturer." The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach