Tiny Habits

I've mentioned BJ Fogg before in this blog and I'm mentioning him again because I think his behavior change concepts are getting more specific and useful. He has been testing his Tiny Habits concept and the results are impressive. I joined an early group of testers and enjoyed the experience. The gist is focus on creating good habits rather than battling your bad habits, and then sequencing the good habit you want to create with something you automatically do like brushing your teeth in the morning.

I highly recommend giving it a whirl.

What We Know

Cialdini, BJFogg, behavior change. Everyone's talking about behavior change around Silicon Valley lately. So how do you change behavior? Here's what we know works: Make a commitment Make it public One goal at a time Baby steps Track yourself Get outside support Financial incentives can kick-start you Don't say never just later (an experiment where participants had to resist a bowl of M&M’s demonstrated that those who told themselves they could have the candy later had a much easier time warding off temptation than the ones who swore off M&M’s permanently.) Reward yourself

Now you just have to figure out what works for you.