Succeeding in Business for Women

This advice really resonated with me.  From Amy Schulman, executive at Pfizer  

"Q. You touched on the point of confidence earlier. Can you elaborate?

A. For many guys, this is simpler because they’re not as over-invested in the question of “Do I belong?” Everything is not a test. If you’re not viewing interactions as a litmus test for whether you belong, you’re going to act better. On the other hand, if you’re looking all the time for that kind of validation, you’re either going to be self-conscious or insecure, and neither of those is a recipe for success. What you want is the kind of inherent confidence that leads to grace. You want to be around people who are having fun and enjoying what they’re doing"

Running Myths

There are so many myths out there about what works for running. As a natural runner, I take a lot of what's out there with a grain of salt and stick with what works for me.

The you over-pronate myth:  debunked; research found running shoes that correct for pronation did not help reduce injury.

The you need to run barefoot myth: debunked; research found heel striking is more economical physiologically.

The running more is better for you myth: debunked; research found excessive exercise can cause hearth problems (the threshold, however, is unknown).

So what's the upshot?  Keep running and run your own race.



Getting it Done

I stumbled on this great list of tricks to get yourself working. I get distracted myself when it comes to work sometimes, so I really related to this list. There are even techniques out there, like the Pomodoro Technique, for being more productive. It takes 25 minutes and a timer.

Books in 5 Quotes: Martha Beck

Finding Your North Star by Martha BeckMartha Beck’s seminal tome on how to find the life you were meant to live. In it, she covers the four stages of discovery and renewal that mark every person’s journey in life. She calls them Square one: death and rebirth; Square two: dreaming and scheming; Square three: the hero’s saga; and Square four: the promised land.

Her book in Five Quotes:

1. “Teaching your social self to pay attention when your essential self says 'no' is the most basic way to reconnect the two sides of your personality.”

2. “The feeling of choked hostility, or numb depression or nauseated helplessness is a sure sign you’re steering away from your North Star, toward a life you were not meant to live. When you feel it, you must change course.”

3. “At some point, almost all my clients tell me they don’t know what they want, and it’s never true. Part of you – your essential self – knows your own desires at every moment of every day (even when the message is a contented 'I want exactly what I have, thank you'). Anytime you think you don’t know what you want, it’s because your social self has decided you shouldn’t want it.”

4. “The rule is to follow your desire. If fear and desire give the same instructions, run away. If fear and desire give opposite instructions, feel your fear and stand your ground.”

5. “No one but you has the ability to find your own North Star and no one but you has the power to keep you from finding it. No one.”

Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live.