I Will Always Love You

I've been thinking about the great Whitney Houston and the song, I Will Always Love You. The song was written and originally sung by the equally great Dolly Parton. The also great Linda Ronstadt changed the tempo a bit and sang it. Then Whitney Houston listened to Linda's version and with a new arrangement by David Foster, sang her version - the version that might come to mind first. Come to think of it, all three ladies are my singing heroines.

But back to the song and Whitney. Whitney's version is soulful and belted. She sings the hell out of it - gospel-style. Which made me think of her training. She grew up singing in the church. She was the daughter of a gospel singer and first performed at 11 as part of a junior gospel choir.

I think a church choir is some of the best singing training around. You're surrounded by a supportive community that you're collaborating with, you're singing is informed by the emotion of church, and you're in front of a crowd. Some of our best singers started in church.