As a digital marketing teacher, United Airlines is giving me life. Around ten years ago they changed social media forever when they manhandled a few guitars and the owners took to the new thing called YouTube to sing a song about it. Cut to April 2017 and another level of man handling is going on. There are, of course, a lot of opinions about what happened when United Airlines forcibly removed a man from their plane. Most very critical of United Airlines. But I live in Silicon Valley and many of its inhabitants simply can't help themselves.

One such inhabitant, a white guy, shared with me that he thought the man who was forcibly removed from the plane was equally at fault. "He should have complied," he said. "This is why I travel on United only. I have status. This doesn't happen to people with status."

Needless to say, I was appalled. He completely missed the larger issue, not to mention the fact that his "just do what they tell you" attitude makes him perfect for the picking by an authoritarian leader.

For more on the larger issue, you need to know that United Airlines is Not Alone.