Anxiously Go

Anxiety - some are born with it, some acquire it, or both. But whatever the cause, anxiety can be managed. Our instinct to protect, however, often gets in the way. This is especially true of parents. Parents can learn how to prevent anxiety in their children:

"Whatever the form that the anxiety takes, it's a combination of overestimating the risk of danger — whether that danger is in the form of embarrassment, a dog or a test — and underestimating one's ability to cope, says Lynne Siqueland, a clinical psychologist"

"...not to try to prevent anxiety, but instead promote their child's competence in handling it. If your child doesn't like to go play at friends' houses, they need to go play at more friends' houses, she says.

"That is kind of an 'aha' moment in the parent workshops," Siqueland says, "that kids who worry about these things need more practice, not less."