The Push and Pull

If you've ever struggled with making the right choice, you might find new research that helps alcoholics abstain interesting. For me it's not alcohol, but poor food choices. I like my pastries and I can sometimes overindulge. I know that overindulging is usually not about the food. But while I know that intellectually, habitually I can find myself reaching for something I don't need before I can even think about it.

Now, this is the moment when mindfulness is supposed to help. In an ideal scenario, I am in the moment and can be mindful of my emotions and actions, and stop myself from temptation. But realistically - this doesn't happen often. No matter how much I meditate.

That's why I find this cognitive-bias modification (CBM) technique so intriguing.  I'm aware of the grooves in my brain that tell my body to grab certain foods when undergoing stress or discomfort, would a physical connection help to reinforce the message?