Water You Waiting For?

It's a fact that I love sparkling water. Something about the fizz. Given how much I adore bubbles you'd think I would have switched to a Sodastream earlier, but alas it took me until now. Yep I broke down and bought one. I finally did the math:

Crystal Geyser 4 packs from wholes foods cost $31.68/ month or about $380.16 a year.

A Sodastream (not counting the tax) cost $99.99. Plus I had to buy a water filter pitcher with filters which cost $58.98. Plus I bought an additional Sodastream cartridge which cost $19.99. Which all together puts me at $178.96 for about 10 months of fizzy tap water.

It's still early, but my pocket feels better about the choice. I'll let you know if my mouth is just as excited.