Reality Break

A recent nightmare where Andy Cohen starred as my therapist and had to restrain me as I exploded Theresa-style tipped me off. Time to take a “reality” break. What at first was just good gossipy fun has descended into emotional strife. The griping, back stabbing, poor communication and relentless judgment going on between the “ladies” of the Real Housewives franchise has stoked some unpleasant emotions in me.

As I watched Andy Cohen engage with these women on a weekly basis always hiding his feelings about the women and the events with a big smile and crossed eyes, I noticed that I began to take on the anger and frustration he seemingly cannot express.

So I've decided I can’t watch it anymore. That means protecting my brain from these women and other television shows that are sad and debilitating.

I didn’t realize that I had such control over my life until a woman once told me this- “As an adult, you get to decide what enters your brain.”

As a child, I didn’t have much choice in the matter, but now, I do. As a result, I've eliminated all Law & Order shows, most of Lifetime (the channel regularly likes to kill women), and all local news programs ("single women at risk in San Francisco, news at 11").

The fear mongering across the board is unhealthy. So I'm putting a stop to it.