Why We're Fat

Did you know that, according to the Federal Trade Commission, the average child sees 5,500 FOOD commercials a year (or 15 a day)? I can just imagine what that number is for adults. Why does this matter? I can't help but think that as long as food companies are some of the biggest companies out there (P&G, for example, has gross revenues of $83 billion) we will continue to be fat. Like little rats trapped in a maze of unhealthy signals, we are being experimented on by big money.

Food advertising or rather unhealthy, processed food advertising is part of our environment and research shows that our environments (more so than information) matter when it comes to our health.

Something to consider.

Note: Google AdSense is likely to run a food ad next to this article.  I use AdSense to cover hosting costs and if I could turn off food ads I would!