Facebook and Feelings

No doubt you've seen it by now. Facebook wants to know how you feel. Thumbnail_fbfeelings

So what does the creator of gottaFeeling think about this?

Well, to start, some of the listed “emotions” are not actually emotions. For example, “tired” is technically not an emotion –it’s a thought. I know – a little too nuanced perhaps for people to grasp.

Still, they’re going to find what I found, most people will only share emotions that are considered “positive” on Facebook. I did a survey of many of my gottaFeeling users and received the following comment – “Facebook is only for sharing positive things” from multiple users (you can share your emotion via Facebook on the gottaFeeling app).

I’m curious how long the effort will last. I personally think it’s an effort to forge intimacy (the area around which Facebook is most criticized), but I don’t have high hopes for its success. What do you think?