The Mary Meeker Slide Deck

It's 112 Slides but the 2012 summary is simple: mobile is where it's at. Here's a round up of the companies (mainly hot start-ups) and innovations in various industries that she mentions in her report:

1. Life stories: Facebook's Timeline

2. News/Information Flow: Twitter

3. Note taking: Evernote

4. Drawing: Paper by Fiftythree

5. Photography:

6. Diaries: Path

7. Scrapbooking: Pinterest

8. Magazines: Flipboard

9. Books: Kindle/iBooks

10. Music: Spotify

11. Sound Recording: SoundCloud

12. Video: YouTube/Netflix

13. Video Creation/Production: SocialCam/Viddy/GoPro

14. TV: YouTube/Bleacher Team Stream

15. Communication: Voxer

16. Navigation: Waze

17. Sports: Bleacher Report

18. Home Improvement: Houzz/One Kings Lane

19. Cabs: Uber

20. Yellow Pages: Yelp

21. Coupons/Local Services: Groupon

22. Cash registers: Square

23. Window shopping: Fab

24. Marketplaces: Etsy

25. Manufacturing: Zazzle/Shapeways

26. Personal Services: Zaarly/TaskRabbit/Fiverr

27. Funding: KickStarter

28. Lending: Lending Club

29. Business Collaboration: Salesforce/Yammer/Jive

30. Recruiting/Hiring: LinkedIn

31. Focus Groups: Affectiva

32. Signatures: DocuSign

33. Healthcare Access: ZocDoc/Teladoc

34. Education: Codecademy/Coursera/Khan Academy

35. Rewards/Satisfaction: Klout/FourSquare/Zynga

36. Crime Awareness: Crime Mapping

37. Thermostats: Nest

Areas where she didn't identify a company? Data - companies that can find a "needle in a haystack" or as I would put it, derive meaning from large data sets.  Looks like a big opportunity there.

Finally, it will be interesting to see where all these companies are one year from now.  You'll still be reading here, right?