More Ways to Learn to Code

There are so many ways today to increase your technology skills and even learn to code. 

1. Team Treehouse and their new packaging Code Racer,

2. - not to be confused with


4. Dev Boot Camp in San Francisco,


6. Rails for Zombies,

7. Coder Dojo,


9. Girl Develop It,


11. CodeHS,

12. Eloquent Javascript,

13. Programr,

14. Code Avengers, and

15. Code School.

While CodeAcademy and the Dev Boot Camp are in person, the others are purely online. I've been trying the online versions and finding that it may be my age, but I do better when in a classroom environment. It's less convenient, to be sure, to travel to a class and block out the time, but I find that when left to my own devices, I don't do the work as consistently as I would like. There are so many distractions online!

It's something I think about with respect to the Valley mantra about how technology is going to change education for children. Online classes may be great for the disciplined, motivated and well-behaved, but what about the rest of us?