More eBook Learnings

My first ebook, Create iPhone Apps That Rock: A Guide for Non-Technical People was released in the last quarter of last year and has done surprisingly well. Frankly, I haven't done much marketing beyond emailing my friends that I published it, so I'm happy that it is selling at all. It has been interesting to see, however, which online retailer generates the most sales for me.

Right now Apple's iBookstore is the clear winner. I wasn't sure the trouble of going through their approval process for a publishing account would be worth it, but it was. Now, this may be due to the subject of the book, but I have a new ebook out on the subject of entrepreneurship: 20 Things I've Learned as an Entrepreneur and I'll let you know if this changes which retailer drives the most sales.

Here's the sales breakdown for my first ebook:

Barnes & Noble = 5% of sales Amazon = 20% of sales iBookstore (Apple) = 75% of sales