Why Starting is Difficult

Remember last year? How about Q3 of last year when people were still talking about a potential tech bubble? Well it definitely wasn't in early-stage investing. Check out these stats:  

Investments By Stage Of Development Q1 2012

Expansion: $2.5B, 260 deals, 35.92% of investments

Later Stage: $2.3B, 186 deals, 33.37% of investments

Early Stage: $2B, 341 deals, 28.14% of investments

Startup/Seed: $179M, 89 deals, 2.57% of investments

"The majority of last quarter’s deals were in the form of expansion and later stage investments, while startup funding made up only a fraction of total investments."

Data is from FindTheBest.com

89 deals kids. 89.  And not just in Silicon Valley.