Are You a Scanner?

If you look at my resume it might seem like I've lacked direction or that I can't keep a job! I've held positions in investment banking, corporate law, venture capital, private equity and online advertising. I've done a lot. So why haven't I settled on a single career? Well, first, long gone are the days of doing one career for the rest of one's life. In fact, where it used to be that you'd have five employers before you retired. Today, according to Dr. Carl Schramm with The Kauffman Foundation, a college graduate will have eight employers before they turn 30.

When I look back there has been a single career thread: my desire to learn.

Thanks to a tip from a friend, I discovered Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher and learned there is nothing wrong with that.

Having trouble settling on one career? Envious of those folks who knew what they wanted to be at birth? Check out the book. You may just learn the way you've been going about it is the right way.