ACE is a test you don't want to ace. ACE is an abbreviation Adverse Childhood Experience. The ACE study focuses on how childhood trauma affects adult health. A pioneer doctor who integrates the study into her clinical practice is Dr. Nadine Burke here in the Bay area. Here are the questions.

Growing up did you experience any of the following conditions in the household prior to age 18:

1. Recurrent physical abuse 2. Recurrent emotional abuse 3. Contact sexual abuse 4. An alcohol and/or drug abuser in the household 5. An incarcerated household member 6. Someone who is chronically depressed, mentally ill, institutionalized, or suicidal 7. Mother is treated violently 8. One or no parents 9. Emotional or physical neglect

Exposure to one category equals one point (not a point per incident). See the study for what your score means.