Serial Entrepreneurship

Growing up I don't think anyone ever suspected I would be an entrepreneur. I certainly didn't. But one day the light bulb went off. I had an idea. And I just knew. Like romance novels detail the first meeting of a romantic partner. I've never experienced that feeling, but when the idea for Consorte hit me, I was smitten. Having an idea, I quickly learned, was the easy part. Making it happen, neh willing it to happen, was the truly difficult task.

And what they don't tell you about entrepreneurship, about corralling a bunch of people behind your vision, about battling misconceptions and skepticism, about hiring people and firing people, about pinching pennies and clawing for dollars, is what an emotional roller coaster it all is.

The ride never stops.

If it does, it's at the precipice, those scary interminable moments before you plummet, your stomach in your throat.

It's a wonder then that after getting off the ride (my first company was acquired last year) that I am getting back on.

What I've learned is entrepreneurship is life and life is entrepreneurship. In life, if you choose to engage in it, you will be forced to grow and scale back, bring people in and let people go, change markets and yes, even reevaluate your product. In the end, to stop creating, building, and growing would mean to stop living.

So when you think about it we're all serial entrepreneurs. Starting, stopping and starting all over again. Life and entrepreneurship require constant movement and reinvention. Looking back I now realize I was an entrepreneur all along - a serial entrepreneur. And maybe, now you will see, you are one, too. I hope you enjoy the ride.