Sugar Ain't So Sweet

I'm sure you saw the recent expose on sugar in the NYTimes.  It came on the heels of news that sitting is killing us, too. So what's a cupcake lover to do?  I thought I had a bit of the sugar game beat by switching to agave nectar, but after the sugar article I did some research and realized I have been fooling myself.  Agave nectar is just as bad as regular ol' sugar and possibly worse due to its high concentration of fructose.  What about honey?  No better.

Now fructose, found in fruits naturally, is okay, but processed to the almost 90% level that is found in agave nectar is not.  Which had me wondering what diabetics do.  My mother had diabetes and I know I am at risk for it as well.  

To give you some benchmarks my research uncovered that a glucose level over 100 is prediabetes and some even say that 90 is.  Ideally glucose should be between 60 and 70.  But what does that mean in sugars you can ingest?   My research turned up this answer: no more than 60 grams of sugar a day.

BTW, sugars are in almost everything so even if you don't consider it a sweet, you may be consuming lots of sugar.

While fruit for dessert is the optimal choice, I know I that will not be happy without a certain amount of baked goods in my life.  So to that end, I've discovered stevia and erythritol.

Stevia is a natural sweetener used in South America and in Japan (in almost everything). You can learn more from Dr. Weill. Erythritol is natural sugar alcohol.

From what I can tell bakers use them in combination. I’ll try out some recipes and let you know how it goes.