Dying to Sit

A researcher at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. James Levine, sought out to answer the question, "Why do some people who consume the same amount of food as others gain more weight?" His study controlled for caloric intake and exercise. You can read more about the study here. The result? “The people who didn’t gain weight were unconsciously moving around more.” So our unconscious movements make a difference. But what about when we're quite consciously sitting?

An epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society, Alpa Patel, found that men who "spent six hours or more per day of their leisure time sitting had an overall death rate that was about 20 percent higher than the men who sat for three hours or less. The death rate for women who sat for more than six hours a day was about 40 percent higher. Patel estimates that on average, people who sit too much shave a few years off of their lives."

The eye opening finding for me is that you can't stave off the ill effects of sitting by going to the gym at the end of the day.

So what's a gal to do? Well there is at least one option. You can actually buy a treadmill desk here. It will only set you back about $5,000.

Here's hoping the scourge of sitting catches on and the prices drop.