I can't help but notice recent research that points to problems in our bodies from lost connections. Like this tidbit from Karl Deisseroth, an associate professor of bioengineering and psychiatry at Stanford, in the recent Stanford magazine. Deisseroth's lab at Stanford is using optogenetics to control Parkinson's symptoms in lab mice and related, "This points to the concept that neuropsychiatric diseases may in large part relate to the altered flow of activity between brain regions." Or as the article's author summarized, "the problem isn't within the cells, it's in the informational flow among them."

Which is like saying in a network - it's not the nodes but the connections among the nodes. I was wondering about this as it relates to people and social networks, in general. The breakdowns tend to always occur in communication or rather the "informational flow."

Then I read an article in the New York Times on Olga, a 90 something female athlete. A University of Calgary physiologist, Russ Hepple is studying Olga and what might be going on in her body that allows her to set track and field records at her age. Hepple is an expert in aging muscle and his theory is not that the problem is within the muscle cells themselves, as long assumed, but with the neighboring motor neurons - they aren't firing and activating the muscle as they should.

So again - the problem might lie with the connections - the communication. Thoughts?