You're an Adult Now

The fun part of being an adult is you can do anything you want. Really. We tell ourselves there are things we can't do, because people won't approve, we're too old or too young, or even because we don't know anybody who's willing to do it with us.

I know a woman who really understands that. She's having a baby on her own. I'm not sure I'm ready for that, but I did take some baby steps this past Sunday. I went to a movie by myself.

I'd been wanting to see a movie, but my timing wasn't working with friends and it was a pretty last minute urge, anyway. I decided I wanted to go thirty minutes before show time.

I thought about trying to rustle up someone to go with me, but then I worried that getting a friend to go would mean negotiation, possibly changing the movie and time. And I wanted to go NOW. So I went.

When I walked into the movie theater I was the only one there. So I got the best seat in the house. Which one you ask? Well, the one I wanted.