Catching Air

Decided to check out House of Air in San Francisco tonight with my friend Jen. When I arrived, it was a bit rag tag. No customer service to speak of and a lot of computer print out signs on the walls to read. There was also a crazy liability waiver. I know, I know - I'm the only one who reads these things, but here's why I thought it was crazy. Clause 11: Photo Release. If you don't read the waiver you don't realize that by signing it you agree that any pictures they may take of you they can use in their marketing materials, website, etc. without your permission. I didn't think they'd want pics of me, but I still found it strange to find this in a Release of Risk form. So for my $14 hour reservation I was given some site specific shoes and offered a helmet. Then the instructions were, "Just jump." And so we did. I jumped for close to 40 minutes straight and I sweated out a lake. It was so cool to be airborne. At one point I said to Jen, "Don't you wish we could go through life like this, just bouncing?" She gave me a look. I jumped and did the splits in the air.

It was cool. I think this place will be packed when winter rolls through which is why you probably want to go now. There was hardly anybody there which meant plenty of space to jump.