On The Street

Yesterday, I saw a man who looked to be in his twenties, sporting a ball cap in my alley way leaning his head against the side of a building. "Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, I just don't feel well," he said and leaned over and put his finger down his throat.

"What are you doing?" I asked a bit alarmed.

"Oh I'm trying to throw up so I don't have to throw up in my girlfriend's toilet and she has to clean it up," he responded straightening up to look at me.

I stood there horrified that he thought it a better idea to throw up in my alley than in a bathroom. He saw my disapproval and went back into the apartment building he had been leaning on. Vomit on my street averted.

But you know what part of his response I find the most intriguing? That he thought it was his girlfriend's job to clean up after him.