On a Walk

Poem of the Day:

Two miles I had to walk along the fields Before I reached my home. Magnificent The morning was, a memorable pomp, More glorious than I ever had beheld, The sea was laughing at a distance; all The solid mountains were as bright as clouds, Grain tinctured, drenched in empyrean light; And in the meadows and the lower grounds Was all the sweetness of a common dawn, Dews, vapours, and the melody of birds, And Labourers going forth into the fields. Ah! ned I say, dear Friend, but to the brim My heart was full; I made no vows, but vows Were then made for me; bond unknown to me Was given, that I should be, else sinning greatly, A dedicated Spirit. On I walk'd In blessedness, which even yet remains.

~ William Wordsworth

An interpretation by David Whyte: "life comes to find us as much as we go out to find it ... life can find you only if you are paying real attention to something other than your own concerns".