Target Rich Environments

So the oft repeated axiom is that dating is all about the numbers. As in, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. But where do you find these frogs, err would-be princes? According to most dating/relationship gurus, you have to focus on Target Rich Environments (TREs). Here's a list of 20 places men are rumored to frequent (not necessarily in this order).

1. Church or temple

2. Major Sporting events: baseball, basketball, hockey

3. Local sporting events: soccer, lacrosse games

4. Sports bars

5. Sporting goods stores

Sensing a theme, yet?

6. Music festivals, concerts, and live bands at bars

7. Art galleries

8. Book stores

9. Car shows

10. Golf courses and tennis courts

11. The bars of trendy restaurants

12. The park and dog runs

13. Hardware stores

14. The Internet

15. The gym

16. Charities

17. Political campaigns or events

18. Auto racing events

19. Airplanes

20. Coffee shops