Five Things

I had dinner tonight with the incomparable Carole Robin. She recently celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary. Her philosophy of a good match? Five Things 1. Fun - Do you like doing the same things for fun? It doesn't matter what it is - it could be you both think a night of reading is fun. The important thing is that you both agree it's fun.

2. Intellect - Do you have the same level of intellect? Are you engaged, challenged by each other intellectually?

3. Physical - Are you attracted to each other physically?

4. Values - Do you share them? Do you have the same ideas about what is fair, what is not, what matters in life, etc.?

5. Spirituality - Is it in sync? She's not talking religion but a shared view of the beauty in the world or not. Do you both feel the same thing when you see a sunset?

She said when you find the one with all Five Things, you've got a mate for life. And when you do, her advice: "Book'em Danno."