Gaming, Intimacy and Theater

On the heels of the big Playdom announcement, I found this NY Times article of note. The article points out that audiences, groomed by the gaming culture, require more interactivity. What's ironic to me is that for all that interactivity in gaming and many of our other online pursuits, there is a decided lack of intimacy. So much so that audiences are craving the experience of connection elsewhere - if this theater trend is to be believed.

Or so I must assume if someone is willing to pay to sit in a mock office and experience an appointment. Something one could presumably do simply by being present in any given moment. I do, however, understand the appeal: theater in itself is an appointment with life; time carved out where the focus is directed.

Still, I find it a bit sad that living has become a consumer product as opposed to an experience.

I'm thinking now of setting up shop at La Boulange and charging folks $5 for 15 minutes of conversation with me. The value proposition? I'll talk to anyone. :)